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YERGES ACOUSTICS is a consulting firm specializing in sound, noise, and vibration control engineering. Services offered include:

Architectural acoustics: Commercial and office buildings, open plan office facilities and masking sound systems, schools, hospitals, hotels, apartments, condominiums, performing arts spaces including theaters and auditoriums, arenas and coliseums, broadcast and recording studios, houses of worship, airports, HVAC noise and vibration control.

Sound reinforcement and intercommunication systems for performing arts facilities, auditoriums, churches, and sports and entertainment complexes.

Environmental noise: Aircraft and traffic noise studies, HUD and coinsurance measurements and documentation, neighborhood noise and community noise ordinance compliance.

Product development: Design of quiet products, purchase specification compliance, noise and vibration testing facilities, and materials and systems for noise control.

Industrial noise control: OSHA noise surveys, control of noise and vibration in new and existing manufacturing facilities.

Technical documentation: Acoustical design methodologies & acoustical product application guides.

Education, training, and seminars.

Measurement & analysis: Sound & vibration measurements, environmental descriptors, real-time analysis in 1/24, 1/12, 1/3, & 1/1 octaves, FFT, sound intensity, sound power, and FSTC and FIIC tests.

YERGES ACOUSTICS serves a clientele ranging from Fortune 500 corporations and major international design firms to sole proprietor architects and individual church congregations. The project may be an oil refinery or a cathedral, a steel mill or a concert hall.

Principal consultants John and James Yerges have been actively involved in acoustics since they were children. Their father, Lyle F. Yerges, was an internationally renowned acoustical engineer, author, lecturer and editor. The brothers often accompanied him to lectures, and served their apprenticeship on measurement trips and noise studies.

John R. Yerges earned the Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Mechanics from the University of Illinois in 1973. He graduated as a James Scholar with High Honors, and was inducted into the Tau Beta Pi honorary fraternity. He completed the Master of Science degree in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics in 1975, and left the University to join Industrial Noise Control, Incorporated. As the Manager of Technical Services for INC, John was responsible for design and development of new products, product applications, system design, manufacturing systems development, and consulting services. He then joined United McGill Corporation as national Technical Sales Manager for the Acoustical Products Division. In that position, he provided the technical expertise necessary to support a national sales organization. He now serves as a principal consultant for YERGES ACOUSTICS.

James F. Yerges earned the Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Mechanics from the University of Wisconsin in 1971. In 1973 he earned the Master of Science Degree in Engineering, and in 1980, the Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering also from the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Yerges was elected to the Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society in 1976. Dr. Yerges' practice concentrates principally on architectural acoustics and sound reinforcement, with particular emphasis on the application of state-of-the-art signal analysis and digital measurement techniques.

A prolific author, Dr. Yerges' publications have appeared in acoustical journals including Sound and Vibration and Noise Control Engineering, but his work also appears in publications as diverse as Creative Computing and Reformed Liturgy & Music. His professional affiliations include the Acoustical Society of America. Dr. Yerges has served as a visiting lecturer at Washington University, the University of Notre Dame, the Air Force Institute of Technology, and the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Many years ago, Lyle stated the fundamental philosophy which still guides

"Be available and be reliable. Provide practical, workable solutions at a realistic cost."

We hope to have an opportunity to work with you in the near future.


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